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The French Bulldog is sometimes called “Frog dog” or a “Clown dog”. “Frog dog” is in reference to their wide round face and the unique way they sit with hind legs spread out. “Clown dog” is because they are known to be fun-loving vivacious “clowns of the dog world”.Their calm nature makes them an excellent choice for apartment dwellers, as does their sensible attitude towards barking.

French Bulldogs make excellent companions.The French Bulldog rarely barks, and if he does it is to draw attention, to point out that he needs something (like attention). This breed is patient and affectionate with its owners, especially with children, who are especially protected by the females. French Bulldogs can easily live with other breeds when the proper introductions are done.

They are ranked 109th in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs. There are certain exceptions to this average level of canine intelligence; a French Bulldog named Princess Jacqueline who died in 1934 was claimed to understand 20 words, reacting correctly.

Welcome to Dodson Frenchies

When you’re looking for French bulldog puppies for sale, you’re not just looking for a pet. You are accepting a new member of your family into your home, and you’re making one of the most important purchases of your life.

Missouri’s Best

Dodson Frenchies is a highly respected breeder of French bulldogs.  We are French bulldog breeders in Marshall Missouri, but serve the entire world!  We love every single one of our Frenchies, and it shows in the level of care that we provide our fur babies before they head to their forever home with their new family.

Why Consider a French Bulldog?

Lifelong good health starts with several factors including:

  • Bloodline/genetics
  • Mother’s care while pregnant
  • Puppy care
  • Vaccinations
  • The right food
  • Love

French Bulldogs are a hearty breed! We take every step to ensure that their heartiness is able to flourish. Our tested lines assure good genetic health. We take care of our mothers to ensure they are getting the best in nutrition, we never overbreed. When our puppies arrive, we provide them with every advantage. We do not release our puppies before ALL their vaccinations are complete in about 10 weeks. Our goal is to share our love for the Frenchie with the worldwide community and ensure that we are delivering completely healthy puppies!


The Girls

These are our precious three girls!




The Boys

These are our amazing males!