How we got started?

We understand the journey of finding the perfect furry addition to your family because we’ve been there ourselves. Our story began with a simple desire to welcome a smaller dog into our home, and after careful consideration, we chose the delightful French Bulldog breed for their wonderful temperament and intelligence. What followed was a unique experience – we ended up bringing two French Bulldog puppies into our lives on the same day, but from very different places.

One puppy had been thoughtfully socialized, while the other had only known its littermates and was apprehensive around people. We soon realized the profound impact early socialization had on their behavior and development. One was a breeze to potty train, while the other posed more challenges. These contrasting experiences ignited a passion within us to redefine our breeding process, making it more customer-focused and focused on the well-being of our furry friends.

Our commitment is to ensure that all our dogs live harmoniously within our home, where they receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we have just one litter at a time.

When it comes to the health of our puppies, we spare no effort. They are brought into this world through a careful C-section procedure and receive immediate veterinary attention. From birth onwards, they undergo regular check-ups every two weeks, including essential vaccinations, to ensure they are thriving and healthy. Your trust in us means the world, and we strive to provide you with not just adorable companions but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting a well-cared-for, happy, and healthy furry family member.

We look forward into getting to know you and adding you to our Frenchie family!





Marshall, Missouri